Earth Japan's innovations

Earth Japan doesn't just talk about innovations, we do something about it
  • Innovate solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems
  • Innovate changes to infrastructure for greener performance
  • Innovate better ways of working to improve performance
  • Consult to make your organization better

What we've done:


  • Development of RF shielding rooms to allow use of operator’s live RF frequencies in a test environment. Innovative simple & cheap solution solved an "unsolvable" problem
  • Development of modular RF shielding structures allowing for reduced construction costs and quick installation times.
  • Design & development of mini RF shielding boxes for easy desktop & remote testing
  • Innovation & improvement for equipment vendor to Japanese tier 1 telecoms operators
  • RBS cooling. Simple innovation reduced the operating temperature by 8 degrees C

Telecoms/Data center test environment
  • New test environment design saving 30% in power over previous environment, despite increase of 25% in electrical power cost, due to nuclear plants closures
  • New test facility with double quantity racks in a smaller footprint
  • Relocation of an IT test environment, with more efficient testing procedures & better functionality, 20% the size of the previous facility. Innovations included design and construction of storage, rack and multi-use platforms for test equipment

Data center
  • Data Center cooling innovations that saved 2M JPY/month on electricity costs. (40% reduction)
  • Use of older obsolete power equipment as a stop gap measure for an emergency situation. This power equipment was "not capable of being used" for the application, but was used in an innovative way for 2 months, with complete safety

  • Awards for the above Telecoms & Telecoms/Data center test environment innovations in Japan and Asia-Pacific regions