Innovation Services

Seminars, training & forums:
  • Disseminating innovation information and concepts.
  • Innovation training for high performance.

Facilitation services:
  • On site consulting to improve green business operations.
  • On site consulting to eliminate problems.

Seminars, training & forums:
  • Innovation seminars & forums for corporations.
    • Strategic Innovation: Visibility in a crowded marketplace. Unique content. Winning awards. Reinventing innovation.
    • Innovating solutions: Being a solution thinker. Applying logic. Thinking outside the box. Never accepting defeat.
    • Innovation in the workplace: Measuring what you have and what you want. Mapping the real process. Getting buy in. Realizing what you don't understand. Changing for a reason.

  • Introduction to Japanese Business Practices & Customs training on corporate level: Understanding how Japan differs from other countries.
  • Innovation training (one day, formal): Practical steps to innovation.
  • Root Cause Analysis training (one day, formal): Learning to think like an investigator. RCA methodology. Finding solutions, not just treating the symptoms.

Facilitation services:
  • Root Cause Analysis: Performing RCA. Finding the real root cause. If root cause findings are wrong, then the solution will be wrong.
  • Electrical energy efficiency review & recommended green alternatives: Analysis & Evaluation of energy use and efficiency.
  • Green alternative solutions to conventional infrastructure: Analysis and green recommendations for replacing existing infrastructure.
  • Finding permanent solutions, by providing innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.