Earth Japan's innovation philosophy

Engineering is often carried out in an environment that prescribes structure, order and adhering to standard methods. While this conducive to standard and repeatable processes, it can stifle innovation.

Earth Japan uses unconventional thinking applied to engineering, rather than just conventional engineering thinking. Our goal is always to generate innovation success. Often, organizational structures and methods that characterize good engineering, conflict with the ability to innovate. Earth Japan applies innovations that work hand in hand with good engineering practices, nuturing an ability to innovate.
Intricate knowledge of engineering & scientific principles is necessary, but can sometimes confine solutions thinking to a focus that is too narrow. Widening the focus and understanding "the big picture" is necessary to "think outside of the box", and to successfully innovate.

Innovative Products:

  • Earth Japan's innovative products allow businesses in Japan to reduce their carbon footprint, by reducing pollutants & emissions, increasing efficiency of existing infrastructure, or by using alternatives to conventional infrastructure. This allows increased efficiency of existing infrastructure in hand with keeping control of the budget and having an environmentally aware frame of mind. 

Innovation Services:

  • Earth Japan's services facilitate and address an organization's implementation models that can be cumbersome and inefficient. These services include applying innovation solutions to seemingly unsolvable prolems. Earth Japan's consultation and involvement challenges the status quo, geared to enhance processes, projects or the way employees work, thus encouraging more streamlined, efficient and pragmatic ways of working industry wide.

Earth Japan's